Resonanz Gertrud

RESONANZ:GERTRUD presents 6 artist groups during two days in New Music, Electroacoustics, Electronic and Improvisation in St. Gertrud. The church was built in the 60s by architect Gottfried Böhm who is internationally known for his brutalist washed-out concret churches. The building has an extremely long reverb (>10sec) and a very special acoustic due to folded walls and roof structures and a 40 m high tower in the main hall.


Sonoscopia / Zwei singende Landschaftsmaler / The Knob,The Finger & The It / Trio Grundstein / Natalie Bewernitz & Marek Goldowski


Sonoscopia – Phonopticum (Porto) Gustavo Costa + José Alberto Gomes + Henrique Fernandes + Ricardo Jacinto
Zwei singende Landschaftsmaler: Simon Rummel & Ketonge – Orgel & Klangmodulation, “Neue Blumen, die wir auch noch nicht kennen”
Ketonge Manfred Ruecker – Stimme / Echtzeiteffektprozessor
Simon Rummel – Stimme / Orgel / Harmonium
Georg Herold / Simon Rummel – Kostüme
The Knob,The Finger & The It   – Elektroakstik und Elektronik | Tobias Grewenig + Volker Hennes + Andreas Oskar Hirsch
Trio Grundstein – Reeds, E.Bass und Drums | Leonhard Huhn(D) + Raphael Malfliet(B) + Stijn Demuynck(B)
The Octopus – Cello | Elisabeth Fügemann + Hugues Vincent + Nathan Bontrager + Nora Krahl
Natalie Bewernitz & Marek Goldowski – Elektronik

Ein Projekt von Heimat+Sachkunde
Maria Wildeis

24+25 Juni 2016: 19.00  Uhr
Neue Musik St.Gertrud

St. Gertrud-Kirche
Krefelder Str. 57, 50670 Köln


FAR OFF – Art Fair

FAR OFF is a new platform for galleries and art spaces to promote their artists to an international audience, during the spring art fair season in Cologne (Art Cologne 2016). From April 14-17, 2016, a giant pop up store opens up on 1200 sqm at an old train station in Cologne Ehrenfeld. It´s the idea to connect producer and consumer and to showcase artistic concepts of high quality.


FAR OFF opens up for collectors who want to get introduced into the young and vibrant art scene of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and nearby. It´s the new meeting point during the art fair, located at the outside border of Cologne´s city center with a spaceous outside area for installations, food stands and parties at the basement Club JackWho.


ABContemporary (Zürich)
adhoc (Bochum)
Alpineum Produzentengalerie (Luzern)
Âme Nue (Hamburg)
artrmx (Köln)
BERLIN BLUE art space (Berlin)
Brunnen e.V. (Köln)
Bruch & Dallas (Köln)
Dialogbar (Köln)
Frederico Rui Contemporanea (Mailand)
Jagla Ausstellungsraum (Köln)
Galerie Judith Andreae (Bonn)
Kunstraum 53 (Hildesheim)
Mikiko Sato (Hamburg)
TADA – Temporary Artspace of Dutch Abstracts (Apeldoorn)
Tiefgarage (Köln)
Galerie Ulf Larsson (Köln)
Urgel 3 (Madrid)
Weithorn Galerie (Düsseldorf)

PREVIEW (only for invites & Press Requests to Thursday, APR14: 17 – 8 p.m.
OPENING RECEPTION (open to everyone) Thursday, APR14: 8 – 11 p.m. (Fee: 5 €)

Friday APR15: 4 – 11 p.m.16 – 23 Uhr (Fee: 5 €)
Saturday APR16: 4 – 11 p.m. (Aftershow-Party FAR OFF & Ancient Future starting at 12 p.m. @ JackWho)16 – 23 Uhr (Aftershow-Party FAR OFF & Ancient Future ab 23 Uhr @ JackWho) (Fee: 10 €, inkl. Clubeintritt JackWho)
Sonntag, 17.04: 3 – 8 p.m. 15 – 20 Uhr (Fee: 5 €)

FRAME PROGRAM (April1, 2016)
FILM ongoing Thu – Sun, with
> MUU Artists’ Association Helsinki – Performance Voyage 6 on TOUR
< Works by students and graduates from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne – DIGITAL BODIES
> Easterjesus Productions Berlin (Stine Omar & Max Boss) – Sadness Is an Evil Gas Inside of Me (2014-15)
< Britta Thie – Translantics
/ curatedy by Alisa Berger bergernissen / P66) & FAR OFF

> Eberhard Kranemann (ex Kraftwerk, via Weithorn Galerie),
< Neil Young Cloaca (USA),
< Taka Kagitomi (Düsseldorf),
> Tzeshi Lei,
< Michael Leuffen (comeme),
> Ali Chakav und Sina Seife (CGN),
< Nicola Hein (,
/ curated by FAR OFF, Maria Wildeis (Tiefgarage), Meryem Erkus (GOLD + BETON) and Alisa Berger (bergernissen / P66)

Friday APR 15 Bongossi
Saturday APR 16 FAR OFF & Ancient Future @ JackWho Aftershow-Party with
> EASTER * live (JESUS),
< JEANDADO *live (Supermoll Musik),
> MOSCOMAN (Disco Halal),
< BONNIE (Musique Couture),
> OSKAR OFFERMANN (WHITE | mule musiq),
< Max Schmitt (Ancient Future Now),
> Philipp Fein (Ancient Future Now | Feines Tier),
/ JackWho (


International Exchange

Frauenkulturbüro NRW (FKB) facilitates two-months-residencies in Armenia and Georgia for women artists from Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany. In exchange both female artists from Armenia and Georgia are given a two months residency scholarship in NRW, Germany. The residency partners are Museum Goch (Stadt Goch) and WELTKUNSTZIMMER Düsseldorf who offer the space for living and working during the residencies in Germany.



The selection of two countries in eastern europe bases on the fact that there are no other exchange programs in NRW of this kind. Especially those countries are interesting to the program, where social, political, ethnic or religious situations challenge the on site working situation for female aritsts.


FKB comitts to the support of such an exchange program to raise cultural networks and to create an international bound between our nations. Due to peculiar sensitivity and perception especially young artists can become a promoter for social, political and of course cultural changes within societies. They are contributing to a cultural interchange and deepen our knowledge about the other.

The artists have free choice how they want to fill their time during the International Artist Exchange Program, depending on personal artistic interests and objectives. FKB is happy to support in networking and assists to make contacts who lead to exhibitions, lectures, performances or other art related reflections and presentations. Still, it depends on the interests of the grant holders to find best way to support their individual artistic carrer. Thus, the worth of the International Artist Exchange Program for Female Artists lies in itself.

It lies upon our conviction that art can only grow in freedom. By providing the artists with the greatest possible freedom and still offering a wide range of possibilities, we hope to give the necessary freedom to develop the individual artistic carreer.

It is also a political statement for FKB to support this program. This is due to the idea that only by posessing a deepened knowledge of the Central European culture and its neighbour countries we can guarantee a connection within europe. Culture is the key to face major social changes on the continent.


Further Information on the project can be requested from:

Frauenkulturbüro NRW (Culture Office for Women NRW), Ursula Theißen (Director of Frauenkulturbüro NRW), 0049 2151 393025, Virchowstr. 130 B, 47805 Krefeld, Germany, mail to: info@

Maria Wildeis, Head of the International Artist Exchange for Women 2015, 0049 163 6384073, wildeis@


Heritage Heroes

The photography exhibition “Heritage Heroes” shows the stories of 12 individuals with a portrait photo and a short story each who have committed themselves in an exceptional way to the protection and conservation of world heritage sites – people who can tell us their personal story about their fight against the destruction of cultural sites or habitat. In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Germany and the German UNESCO-Commission e.V.

Dr. Abdel Kader Haidara in Bamako, Mali, Photographer: Albrecht Fuchs, Interview by D. Saltani

Dr. Abdel Kader Haidara in Bamako, Mali, Photographer: Albrecht Fuchs, Interview by D. Saltani

“Heritage Heroes” will be inaugurated during the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee in the World Conference Centre Bonn, Germany (June 28th till July 8th 2015).



The „Heritage Heros“ have been interviewed and photographed at their designated heritage sites, during March 22 -June 22, 2015. We visited people from: Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Mali, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Croatia, Russia, Japan, Indonesia and Tasmania.


Project Management: Tatjana Krischik & Maria Wildeis
Photography: Bozica Babic, Albrecht Fuchs, Astrid Piethan, Michael Schaab
Research & Interviews: Tatjana Krischik, Djonam Saltani, Maria Wildeis, Ruth Wolter
Editorial Control: Maria Wildeis
Exhibition Design: Tatjana Krischik



23 Jan 2015 OPENING of the new art space Tiefgarage at Cologne´s Ebertplatz located in an intermediate leveled passage connecting two pedestrian areas between a very busy traffic roundabout. There are 3 neighboring art spaces: Bruch&Dallas, Gold&Beton and Labor showing fine art and new music and bringing a new energy to the underground passage.


The place forms an ongoing topic at the city council. Since years there is a desperate search going on for finding a solution for the 70s concrete architecture with dark corners and its escalators out of service. Weird and drunken people feel invited to trash the place. 2011 a former party in the council, FDP, deliberated the idea to transform this passage into an underground parking to gain the attractive number of 154 new lots for this area. Unless the excessive costs to make a central urban structure vanish for a couple of cars, 2014 the council initiated a feasibility study on this behalf.


Meanwhile feasibility phase, the art space Tiefgarage tries to bring 154 artists onto the lot, to exploit the maximum potential of this pearl of urban architecture, until some time after 2017 this unwanted home for the art may no longer exist.



8 – 29 Nov 2014. (Contemporary Victims) An exhibition on the occasion of the jubilee of the first world war at the studio house of artrmx e.V. Cologne. With Alexander Edisherov (Gerogia/DE) & Katerina Kuznetcowa (Russia/DE), Robert Kunec (Slovakia/DE), Sharone Lifschitz (Israel/UK), Damir Radovic (Jugoslawia/FR) and Sharif Waked (Palestine). With a performance by Echo Ho (CHN/DE)

Sharif Waked: Gaza Zoo No. 1 (Bath Time), 2012 (Film Still)

Sharif Waked: Gaza Zoo No. 1 (Bath Time), 2012 (Film Still)

Opening: November 8, 20.00 Uhr during Kölner Museumsnacht. Run time: November 8 – 28, 2014. In cooperation with artrmx e.V., Museumsnacht Köln and supported by the Cultural Department of Cologne.


Unfortunately almost an entire generation lost their lifes during during the first world war. And now, 100 years ago, it doesn´t seem anyone had learned from this loss, as the last 100 years are said to have been the bloodiest of all times. Political and military violence, suppression and the limitation of freedom belongs to the daily life of so many. Within ‘Zeitzeugen’, I am inviting contemporary artists who are dealing with this issue on a strong level, while some of them have been victims of riot and armed defense.

artrmx e.V.
Hospeltstr. 69
50825 Köln



17 Oct – 29 Nov 2014. Group exhibition with Caroline Bayer (Berlin, DE), Lars Breuer (Cologne, DE), Nino Chubinishvili (Tbilissi, GE), Hörner|Antlfinger (Cologne, DE), Mamuka Japharidze (Tbilissi, GE), Nika Machaidze (Tbilissi, GE), Kai Rheineck (Düsseldorf, DE), Patrick Rieve (Cologne, DE), Peter Schloss (Düsseldorf, DE) & Michael Pohl (Berlin, DE), Nino Sekhniashvili (Tbilissi, GE), Kote Sulaberidze (Tbilissi, GE), Gio Sumbadze (Tbilissi, GE) and Wato Tsereteli (Tbilissi, GE).

Gio Sumbadze 2014, Photo: Michael Schaab

Gio Sumbadze 2014, Photo: Michael Schaab

October 18 – November 29, 2014, at WELTKUNSTZIMMER Düsseldorf,

Opening October 17, 8 p.m. Supported by IfA (Institute for Foreign Affairs) and the City of Düsseldorf.

Tavidan is the georgian expression for “from the mind”. The word introduces the book of Genesis and it describes the starting point of an idea, a project or a process. Tavidan forms the title of this upcoming exhibition, as it wants to describe the thematical frame within the event: to draw attention to the initial point of artistic contemporary practice and the many formal and conceptual ways it goes. Where does art begin? When does it end? In form of a dialogue between a vibrant art scene from georgia and artists from germany, Tavidan examines the origins of contemporary art and questions the significance of cultural, educational and spacial influence on art.



Ursprung und Entstehung
18 October – 29 November 2014


Der flüsternde Raum

11 Oct 2014. (The Whispering Room) is a sound-art event featuring Natascha Nikeprelevic, Holger Mertin, Joseph Suchy and The Knob, The Finger & The It. The goal of this concert is the exploration of the natural reverb and the unusual acoustic of the St. Gertrud Church and its environment. The St. Gertrud Church was build by german architect Gottfried Böhm in the 1960s and provides a tricky acoustic with long natural reverbs and an urban surrounding located close to the railways and a main traffic road. A project by Andrés Krause and Maria Wildeis.

St. Gertrud, Photo: Sebastian Linnerz

St. Gertrud, Photo: Sebastian Linnerz

Sat, October 11, 2014, 8 p.m. Krefelder Str. 57, 50670 Köln.

Der flüsternde Raum is supported by SK-Stiftung Kultur.



April 2012 – Dec 2013. In this exhibition series, every two months an installation artist was invited to build a work especially considered for the space on the upper floor of a gallery building. Concerning the matter that this room was also used as my private appartment, the works were set into a social context and gave the chance to discuss the idea of art and science in an intimate and non white-cubish atmosphere.

Alice de Visscher 2013, Photo: Michael Schaab

Alice de Visscher 2013, Photo: Michael Schaab

Artists: Julia Bünnagel, Susan Collis, Luka Fineisen & Yeondoo Jung, Andreas Gehlen, Clemens Botho Goldbach, Gereon Krebber, Ulrike Möschel, Christian Odzuck, Evangelos Papadopoulos.

April 2012 – Dec 2013. Supported by the city of Cologne.


Side events like lectures, performances and video screenings inspired to determine how and where art speaks and what influence it may take on the perception of the private sphere. These questions have been discussed with philosophers, critics, poets, physicians, the artists and all guests. The duration of each single exhibition was 4 weeks.


Full Frame Program

Su Jeong Shin-Golbach & Young Seo Kim „A Studio“, during the exhibition by Clemens Botho Goldbach.

Oliver Blumek with the Performance „Purre“, and

Frank Schablewski „Eischollen, Zweigställe, Zeitwände – ein Vortrag in Gedichten zur Installation.“, during the exhibition by Evangelos Papadopoulos.

Sculptress of Sound (Tamara Lorenz, Patricia Köllges & Julia Bünnagel) during the exhibition by Julia Bünnagel.

Les Éclairs „From Sand to Sound“ (Freya Hattenberger & Peter Simon), and

Prof. Dr. Claus Kiefer: Gravity and Quantum Physics, a lecture, both during the exhibition by Gereon Krebber.

Natalia Stürz Film Screening: „Aurora“ (2013),

Arne Schmitt: „Absage an die Wirtlichkeit“, lecture, and

Echo Ho, Concert with her Slow Quin, all during the exhibition by Christian Odzuck.

Taka Kagitomi, Performance,

Marie T. Martin „Der Winter dauerte vierundzwanzig Jahre“, reading,

Talk with Desislava Eick „KYOTO.KÖLN – Brücken nach Kyoto, Vortrag und Gespräch mit Martin Knipphals“, during the exhibition by Ulrike Möschel.

Thorsten Krämer „Das Leben der Mollusken“, reading,

Joe Elegant, concert,

Evamaria Schaller & Alice de Visscher, Performance, all during the exhibition of Andreas Gehlen.


Each artist could choose a film to present during the exhibition:
Clemens Botho Goldbach: Only Lovers Left Alive, UK/Germany 2013, 122 min., Reg.: Jim Jarmusch (Film was not shown)

Evangelos Papadopoulos: Medea, Italy 1969, 110 min., Reg.: Pier Paolo Pasolini

Susan Collis: The Straight Story, USA 1999, 108 min., Reg.: David Lynch

Luka Fineisen & Yeondoo Jung: spring, summer, fall, winter … and spring, South Korea 2003, 103 min., Reg.: Kim Ki-Duk

Julia Bünnagel: The 13th Floor, Germany/USA 1999, 101 min., Reg.: Josef Rusnak

Gereon Krebber: Dune, USA 1984, 137 min., Reg.: David Lynch

Christian Odzuck: Richard Strauss – Elektra, Germany 2005, 208 min., Conductor: Karl Böhm, Reg.: Götz Friedrich

Ulrike Möschel: Eureka, Japan 2000, 217 min., Reg.: Shinji Aoyama

Andreas Gelen: Playtime, Frace, Italien 1967, 155 min., Reg.: Jacques Tati


The project was supported by the city of Cologne and gained various sponsorship by: Kultursekretariat Wuppertal, Konrad Chorodinski programming, graphics by Julia Majewski affairen-gestaltung, Mühlenkölsch Beer, Veltins Beer, Lemonaid, Bauhaus Köln-Kalk, printer DeineStadtKlebt, and others.


More about the project and its side events at and


Fast Senkrecht, auf jeden Fall Richtung Oben

19 Oct – 9 Nov 2013. Group Exhibition with Tim Cierpiszewski, Maria Gamper, Marie Gerlach, Stefanie Klingemann, Katerina Kuznetcowa und Alexander Edisherov, Peter Schloss and Sebastian Walther.

Tim Cierpiszewski, Photo: Michael Schaab

Tim Cierpiszewski, Photo: Michael Schaab

At Hongibrot Art Space.


In autumn 2013 Honigbrot organized a group project called FAST SENKRECHT. The artists presented new, space oriented works on two floors and the stair case of the gallery house.

They were all master students of Maik and Dirk Löbbert, by Kunstakademie Münster, and graduated in the last 5 to 10 years. Their common media, sculpture, is interpreted by them on a very individual way, but all of them come with a delightful sense of humor and a strong relation to the space.

3. Kunstfestival Strom

5 – 8 Sept 2013. The 3rd Art Festival Strom was devoted to the ephemeral in art. More than 40 artists working in the fields of installation art, sound art, noise, film, performance and dance were invited to show their work at Kunsthaus Rhenania in Cologne. The artists presented on more than 500 sqm in free artist studios, the outside space and the exhibition hall of the artist studio house. The shown works deal with the matter of time, either conceptionally or within the chosen material, as through light, digital image and sound. Furthermore the curator developed a stage program with around 15 concerts and performances with new forms of electronic and new music and a cinema in the upstairs roof space showed longplay films of the last two editions of Videonale e.V. Bonn. Plus parties and guided tours.

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Photo: Daniel Lang

Kunsthaus Rhenania at Strom Festival, Installation: Lang/Baumann, Photo: Daniel Lang

September 5 -8, 2013. &


Almost 1000 visitors came and the festival enjoyed widespreaded reviews and announcements in the press with the local TV WDR live on site during the opening and several reports in the main newspaper of Cologne, like Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Stadtrevue and others.


Installation Artists: Eli Cortiñas, Dan Dryer, Kerstin Ergenzinger, Jan Glisman, Stef Heidhues, Lang/Baumann, molitor&kuzmin, Evangelos Papadopoulos, Pepper&Woll, Sören Siebel, Jens Standke

Sound Artists (selection): Waltraud Blischke, Echo Ho, FU ACUNE, Natascha Nikeprelevic & F.X. Randomiz, Ursula Nill, OSMOSIS, Gregor Schwellenbach, Sculptress of Sound, The Knob, The Finger & The It, TITANOBOA

Film (in Cooperation with Videonale e.V.) (selection): Michal Kosakowski: Zero Killed (80:50 min., 2011), Frances Scholz: Episodes of Starlite I-V (50 min., 2011-2012), Tobias Yves Zintel: Earthly Powers (38 min., 2011), Christian Jankowski: Casting Jesus (60 min., 2011), Anahita Razmi: Walking Drunk in High Shoes (47:22 min., 2010), Shezad Dawood: Feature (55 min., 2008), Mariola Brillowska: des Teufels Kinder (67 min., 2010)


Supported by: City of Cologne, RheinEnergie Stiftung Kultur, Bezirksvertretung Innenstadt, HGK – Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln

Sponsors: Gaffel Kölsch, Finder TV, Entec, Kettler Druckverlag, Mice Portal, Colonia Spezialfahrzeuge, Steinzeug Keramo, Magtech, Kürten & Lechner


Kunsthaus Rhenania im Rheinauhafen, Bayenstraße 28, 50678 Köln,



1 – 29 June, 2012. A group exhibition with Oliver Blumek, Andreas Gehlen, Gereon Krebber, Katharina Maderthaner, Claudia Mann, Lars Rosenbohm, Susanne Themlitz und Katharina Wackermann.

Gereon Krebber, Atros, 2012, Photo: Wolfgang Schäfer

Gereon Krebber, Atros, 2012, Photo: Wolfgang Schäfer

At WELTKUNSTZIMMER Düsseldorf. Curated together with Wolfgang Schäfer.


DYSSOMNIA – Spatial Interventions (latin “dyssomina“: “sleeping disorder“) is the result of a deep investigation of the space – a former baking factory, which is in urgent need of restoration. On two floors, attached to the event halls of the foundation, the artists provide access on over 500 sqm to old storage rooms, cooling chambers and a black painted, old rocker bar. The spacial appearance with its dirty, dark and historically charged architecture is both, fascinating and a challenge for a sculptural examination. These installations whithin the exhibition space are opening up a new sight on WELTKUNSTZIMMER.


In this project recognized artists and students of the academy of Fine Arts Düsseldorf are working together and react associatively on these raw, unrenovated rooms which were not yet used in the context of contemporary art. Especially the artists selection of material and the temporary limit within the works live make this an exciting project in current arts practice.


Friday, 1 June, 8 p.m.:             OPENING RECEPTION with an artists tour through the exhibition

Friday, 29 June, 8 p.m.:           FINISSAGE with Performance von Oliver Blumek

This event took place at the former storage rooms of HPZ.

Tip Top Stop

16 April – 16 May, 2010. A group exhibiton with installations by Julia Bünnagel, Anja Ciupka, Luka Fineisen, Manuel Franke, Gereon Krebber, Christine Rusche, Thomas Trinkl, Sonja Vordermaier and Lawrence Weiner in an old industrial warehouse at the docksite of Cologne Deutz which was previously a disount shop.

Tip Top Stop, Photo: Christine Rusche

Tip Top Stop, Photo: Christine Rusche


The event was included in the frame programme of the fair Art Cologne and was financed all alone. Including a book written by 4 philosophers: Prof. Dr. Jakob Steinbrenner, Dr. Henning Tegtmeyer, Dr. Bernadette Collenberg- Plotnikov and PD Dr. phil. Andreas Steffens. They wrote about their ideas on installation art and contemprary art practice, apart from classical art historian interpretation models.



Junge Kunst Nacht

20 June, 2009. Organisation of a night at Museum Ludwig, Cologne, in cooperation with jungekunstfreunde and Kunst:Dialoge, with guided tours and a party with EROBIQUE (International Pony) at the museum foyer. This night was one of the most succsessful art nights at Museum Ludwig, with 1500 visitors and more than 200 new memberships for the Friends of Museum Ludwig and Wallraf Richartz Museum.

Junge Kunst Nacht 2009, Photo: Daniel Krause

Junge Kunst Nacht 2009, Photo: Daniel Krause

Organisation together with Rebekka Meyer and Amadeus Peters. jungekunstfreunde