Bewerbung Edith Russ Haus

Marshall McLuhan described the media age as a ‚global village‘, where emotions and knowledge are shared aliterally and acoustically through the network of communication. Where McLuhan thought only of telephone lines and radio waves, today we receive real-time image and sound transmissions from all parts of the world and, yes, I find myself in a village; in a community of friends and strangers who share their feelings with me, who let me participate. The distance has dissolved and our fingers are in physical contact with the feelings and messages of our fellow human beings. 

As I sit in the living room and doom-scroll, I am vulnerable and open. My feelings alternate between sad, funny, shocked and thrilled in the space of 1-30 seconds; I take part but remain uninvolved. Insights and ingenious ideas wash over me, appeals reach me from war zones, conflict zones and destroyed landscapes. And hardly any memory of the images and information remains, at most a feverish dream of chaos and hysteria manifests itself in me. How has our relationship to our environment changed since our spinal cord became intertwined with the global glass fiber network? What perspectives arise from the emotional paralysis and excessive demands on society?

‚Global Village‘ is a proposal for an acoustic and video installation that can be actively changed by visitors. In this research and project realization, I want to explore the visual and acoustic elements of doomscrolling, from ASMR, oddly satisfying, finance tips, doomsday prepping, tiktok mansions and terror, resistance appeals and commercial exploitation. Sitting in an interior, people can change the contents of the installation by scrolling with a smartphone. 

On the one hand, the sound composition interprets tonal and rhythmic elements from social networks and the special structure that emerges as you scroll. At the same time, I want to use a compositional antagonist to counteract the high frequency and beat. I also want to work with the voices of YouTube and Tiktok streamers (found footage material) and AI voice systems.

Following extensive research, the images and videos will be generated by AI and supplemented with current content from the internet before being put together in a collage of short loop sequences. 

During my research on the ‚global village‘ at the Edith-Russ-Haus, I would like to develop the installation with Max MSP and jitter. I would like to achieve the idea of changing the image and sound through the visitors by connecting smartphones with the software to MAX via serial port and Bluetooth. Sound and image material will be grouped and integrated into procedural loops that run independently and can be manipulated by scrolling.