Institut für alles Mögliche: Gemeinde Köln

2018 – ongoing
founder together with
Institut für alles Mögliche, Berlin
Welcome the new project in town: Gemeinde Köln. Located at the former place of “Tiefgarage Ebertplatz” now we will open up the new space “Gemeinde Köln” which is a cooperation partner of Berlin/Leipzig based art project Insitut für alles Mögliche. The aim of the space is to broaden the network and to think of art as a network in general.


FAR OFF 2017

After the great success of our first edition of FAR OFF in 2016 we are more than happy to announce FAR OFF 2017, from April 27 – 30.


< FAR OFF is the young art fair for Contemporary Fine Art, Installation, Time-Based Media, Performance and Sound Art in Cologne. It´s also the meeting point for artists, curators, collectors and an interested audience. < FAR OFF presents around 20 galleries and project spaces, and an extensive frame programme with a black box, a white cube, a stage. The event takes place at a great location in Marienstrasse, Köln Ehrenfeld. We are focused on showing inspiring artists, together with the participating galleries and art spaces. < FAR OFF 2017 is realized and curated by Maria Wildeis, Jonathan Haehn & Alisa Berger. The contributers to this year´s artistic programme are: < FAR OFF, the participating art spaces, Ancient Future and Baumusik.

A project by Jonathan Haehn & Maria Wildeis.


FAR OFF 2017 Messe für Gegenwartskunst
Thursday, 27th April – Sunday, 30th April, 2017

Entrance via Venloer Str. / Ecke Leyendecker Str.
Parkplatzauffahrt Venloer Str. 476

U-Bahn/Metro: Leyendecker Straße (Linie 3,4)

Open / Öffnungszeiten:
Do, 27.4.     16-20 Uhr Private View
20-23 Uhr Eröffnung
Fr, 28.4.     16-23 Uhr
Sa, 29.4.     16-23 Uhr
So, 30.4.     15-20 Uhr

Galleries ∙ Art Projects
Köln < Brunnen e. V. {GOLD + BETON, Bruch & Dallas, Tiefgarage} ∙ Love Pro Toto ∙  HONDA GalleryWerft 5 ∙  DD55 Gallery2W0: Ademmer | BüchelartrmxC.I.A. ∙ POA POA association ∙ Berlin < HilbertRaum  ∙  Düsseldorf < LAGER3 ∙  1 Koffer Kunst ∙ Bonn < Galerie Judith Andreaeyoungcollectors ∙  S.Y.l.A:NTENHEIM / KunstversorgungsquartierDAS ESSZIMMER space for art+ ∙ WIEN < artiststatement ∙  Brüssel & Hoensbroek < GREYLIGHT PROJECTS

Black Box: Video Art ∙ Experimental Film
Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln & Kunstakademie Düsseldorf ∙ GEGENkino Leipzig: Vaginale plus X ∙ CAPRI BY NIGHT ∙ #thailife: Video Art from Bangkok & Chiang Mai ∙ SIGHTFENSTER ∙ uvm

White Cube: Installation
Philippe Cavaleri ∙ Felix Contzen ∙ David Hahlbrock ∙ René Hüls ∙ Claudia Mann ∙ Sebastian Thewes ∙ uvm

Audiovisual Performance ∙ Atmospheric Noise
Heidi Hörsturz  ∙  R|B  ∙  Jan Goldfuß  ∙  Axel Pulgar / Rihards Vitols  ∙  Ojoboca  ∙  Sonae & Nazgol Emami

Performance ∙ Sound Art ∙ Experimental Music
Paradoxana: Ketonge, Fabian Jung, Constantin Herzog, Oxana Omelchuk  ∙  liberty snake (baumusik) ∙  Pappen im Nebel (baumusik)  ∙  Tintin Patrone  ∙  Die Formation Doppelherz (artrmx)  ∙  Die Saugnäpfel ∙  Leonhard Huhn & Christian Lorenzen ∙ The Feedback Gents  ∙  Julia König  ∙  Philippe Cavaleri  ∙   uvm

Ambient & Drone
Diana Jones (baumusik)  ∙  DJ Brom  ∙  ML (comeme)  ∙  Jens-Uwe Beyer
Ancient Future  ∙  Ally Dhikr + his brother from another mother  ∙  Nafri Duo ∙ Ulrich Steinbach


FAR OFF 2016

FAR OFF is a new platform for galleries and art spaces to promote their artists to an international audience, during the spring art fair season in Cologne (Art Cologne 2016). From April 14-17, 2016, a giant pop up store opens up on 1200 sqm at an old train station in Cologne Ehrenfeld. Itå«s the idea to connect producer and consumer and to showcase artistic concepts of high quality.

FAR OFF Cologne

FAR OFF opens up for collectors who want to get introduced into the young and vibrant art scene of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia and nearby. Itå«s the new meeting point during the art fair, located at the outside border of Cologneå«s city center with a spaceous outside area for installations, food stands and parties at the basement Club JackWho.

A project by Jonathan Haehn & Maria Wildeis.



ABContemporary (Zürich)
adhoc (Bochum)
Alpineum Produzentengalerie (Luzern)
Ìâme Nue (Hamburg)
artrmx (Köln)
BERLIN BLUE art space (Berlin)
Brunnen e.V. (Köln)
Bruch & Dallas (Köln)
Dialogbar (Köln)
Frederico Rui Contemporanea (Mailand)
Jagla Ausstellungsraum (Köln)
Galerie Judith Andreae (Bonn)
Kunstraum 53 (Hildesheim)
Mikiko Sato (Hamburg)
TADA – Temporary Artspace of Dutch Abstracts (Apeldoorn)
Tiefgarage (Köln)
Galerie Ulf Larsson (Köln)
Urgel 3 (Madrid)
Weithorn Galerie (Düsseldorf)

PREVIEW (only for invites &amp Press Requests to Thursday, APR14: 17 ‰ÛÒ 8 p.m.
OPENING RECEPTION (open to everyone) Thursday, APR14: 8 ‰ÛÒ 11 p.m. (Fee: 5 ‰âÂ)

Friday APR15: 4 ‰ÛÒ 11 p.m.16 ‰ÛÒ 23 Uhr (Fee: 5 ‰âÂ)
Saturday APR16: 4 ‰ÛÒ 11 p.m. (Aftershow-Party FAR OFF &amp Ancient Future starting at 12 p.m. @ JackWho)16 ‰ÛÒ 23 Uhr (Aftershow-Party FAR OFF &amp
Sonntag, 17.04: 3 ‰ÛÒ 8 p.m. 15 ‰ÛÒ 20 Uhr (Fee: 5 ‰âÂ)

FRAME PROGRAM (April1, 2016)
FILM ongoing Thu ‰ÛÒ Sun, with
&gt MUU Artists‰Ûª Association Helsinki ‰ÛÒ Performance Voyage 6 on TOUR
&lt Works by students and graduates from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne ‰ÛÒ DIGITAL BODIES
&gt Easterjesus Productions Berlin (Stine Omar &amp
&lt Britta Thie ‰ÛÒ Translantics
/ curatedy by Alisa Berger bergernissen / P66) &amp FAR OFF

&gt Eberhard Kranemann (ex Kraftwerk, via Weithorn Galerie),
&lt Neil Young Cloaca (USA),
&gt ECHO HO (CGN),
&lt Taka Kagitomi (DÌ_sseldorf),
&gt Tzeshi Lei,
&lt Michael Leuffen (comeme),
&gt Ali Chakav und Sina Seife (CGN),
&lt Nicola Hein (,
/ curated by FAR OFF, Maria Wildeis (Tiefgarage), Meryem Erkus (GOLD + BETON) and Alisa Berger (bergernissen / P66)

Friday APR 15 Bongossi
Saturday APR 16 FAR OFF &amp Ancient Future @ JackWho Aftershow-Party with
&gt EASTER * live (JESUS),
&lt JEANDADO *live (Supermoll Musik),
&gt MOSCOMAN (Disco Halal),
&lt BONNIE (Musique Couture),
&gt OSKAR OFFERMANN (WHITE | mule musiq),
&lt Max Schmitt (Ancient Future Now),
&gt Philipp Fein (Ancient Future Now | Feines Tier),
/ JackWho (