Maria is a curator, sound artist, dj. She was responsible for large-scale art events and projects, founded and directed several contemporary off spaces and art projects, working with performance and installation artists and musicians from germany and europe since 2010, after obtaining her Master degree in art history, philosophy and classic literature. Her research within curation, performative and installative works addresses questions towards spacial and site-specific qualities, as well as social and community-related spaces. Through her work as a curator at the off location Ebertplatz Köln (gemeinde-koeln.org (since 2018), tiefgarage.org (2015-2018)), she deals with the site in relation to matter and sound, and thus more and more found her way towards electronic music, additive synthesis and spacial sound. She is currently obtaining a Master of Music (M.Mus.) at the Institute for Music and Media, Robert Schumann conservatory, Düsseldorf, to deepen her understanding of electronic music. Furthermore she is working as an artistic and scientific research affiliate for the research project ComArts, at the department of Social and Cultural Sciences, Hochschule Düsseldorf, where she is also giving lectures about Community Arts and related topics (https://soz-kult.hs-duesseldorf.de/wildeis). 

Maria produces sound installations, radio listening pieces and electronic music. She is in a band with Alisa Berger (Songs for Seals) and she is a member of female:pressure, an international network for women in electronic music. in 2019 she was assistant and project lead for Ableton Live Workshops together with Maya Sternel in Yerevan, Armenia and Tbilisi, Georgia. As a DJ she performes since 2018 in local clubs in Cologne, for Kompakt Records, Wir Schwestern, Ancient Future, but also in Yerevan, Armenia, in Paris, FR, Shibuya, Tokyo, JP and at festivals in Europe.

From 2015 to 2020, she was the head of an artist exchange program for female artists from Germany, Armenia and Georgia for Frauenkulturbüro NRW eV. The exchange program was succsessfully included into a new program by WELTKUNSTZIMMER Düsseldorf, where it continued in 2021. Maria was responsible for the exhibition program as the Head of Exhibitions at Setareh Gallery from Jan 2019 – Nov 2020 and she was the curator of the digital art festival ‚Die Digitale‘ 2019 (die-digitale.net) on the topic ‚Digital Overload‘. From 2016-2018 she founded the art fair for time-based art (installation, film and sound), Far Off Cologne (faroff.de), and she worked together with art institutions like Goethe-Institute Armenia, CCA- Center for Contemporary Art Tbilisi, the German UNESCO Commission e.V., Videonale at Kunstmuseum Bonn, weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf and Museum Goch and she received fundings from Kunststiftung NRW, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, ifa- Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V., Auswärtiges Amt, Ableton AG, SK Stiftung Kultur, European Culture Fund Kulturamt Düsseldorf und Kulturamt Köln, RheinenergieStiftung Kultur and others.

Please feel invited to send me an Email via post@mariawildeis.com.